Rest Time

There will be a quiet time each afternoon for all children.  A crib will be provided for children under the age of twelve months.  A cot will be provided for children over twelve months.  Please provide your child with a labeled blanket, clear storage container and a crib sheet. We recommend the 16 qt. Sterlite container.  If they desire to bring a teddy bear or pillow, those items must also be labeled. All items must be labeled and fit in the 16 qt. container. Please launder your child’s belonging once a week.


Note:  It is the policy of the State of Michigan that children have a period of rest during the day.  The children do not have to sleep, but they do have to rest quietly.


Outside Time

The children will go outside every day, weather permitting.  It is our policy that all children who are well enough to attend school are well enough to go outside.  Therefore, all children present at Krambrooke will be going outdoors.  Please dress your child in accordance with the weather!


Toy Policy

To avoid hurt feelings and broken or lost toys, toys from home are not permitted at Krambrooke.  Please do not allow your child to bring toys from home unless a special item is requested on the calendar or in the newsletter.  Thank you for your help concerning this.



It is very important in an area with several children to label all of your belongings.  All items belonging to your child must be labeled.  Krambrooke will not be held responsible for any misplaced belongings that are not clearly labeled with your child’s first and last name.  This includes (but is not limited to) lunchboxes, clothing, coats, and blankets.



We all know that life is messy!  All children who attend Krambrooke must bring an extra change of clothing.  Clothing may be stored at Krambrooke, or you may bring it in everyday.  Please make sure that your child’s extra clothing is labeled!


Special Activities and Notices at Krambrooke

Every month a calendar is provided.  The calendar explains special activities and general news for the month.  Notices of special events and policy changes will be posted and/or handed out.  It is the parent’s responsibility to read all newsletters, calendars, and notices.