Withdrawal and Dismissal Policy

Krambrooke requires two weeks written notice in the event that you decide to withdraw your child from the  Center.  Parents who fail to give written notice will still be billed for the two-week time period in which notice was to be given.

Krambrooke will request you to withdraw your child from the center under the following circumstance:

  • Failure to pay tuition on time.
  • Failure to inform the center of a prolonged absence.
  • Failure to inform the center of a prolonged vacation.
  • Failure to return from a vacation or absence as scheduled.
  • Continuous absences without notification that your child will not be present.
  • If a child causes repeated disruptions to the program, harm to himself or to others, and all possible solutions to the problem have been exhausted.

Absence and Vacation Policy

Due to our fixed expenses and staffing requirements mandated by law, our normal fees are to be paid whether a child is absent or present with the exception of vacation days.

Vacation days are defined as days the child is absent and two weeks notice of the absence has been submitted in writing.  Two weeks notice must be submitted in order for the absence to count as a vacation day.  The number of vacation days a child is entitled to will depend on the program he/she is enrolled in.

Vacation days are as follows –

  • 5 day program = 5 no charge days
  • 4 day program = 4 no charge days
  • 3 day program = 3 no charge days
  • 2 day program = 2 no charge days

You will receive one additional week of vacation at ½ your weekly rate once the two-week notice requirement has been met.

Note:  Vacation days do not carry into the following year.