It is against the Krambrooke policy to use any method of corporal punishment.  The staff at Krambrooke will use the following methods of discipline:

  • Positive Reinforcement: Children will be reminded and praised for positive actions.  They will be encouraged to cooperate and respect others.
  • Discussion:  Negative actions will be discussed with the child in order to give them a better understanding of how their behavior affected others.  Discussion of actions and consequences will help the children to understand the importance of self-control and respecting others.
  • Removal:  If a child is behaving in a manner that is extremely disruptive to the group, then he/she may be removed from the group for a few moments to relax.  Children are never away from the group, or are without a teacher for any time period.

Children will never be subject to any method of discipline that is mentally or physically abusive.  Children will not be denied meals, food, outside time, or bathroom use.