Krambrooke will provide the following meals:

  • Breakfast:  Breakfast will be served until 8:30 am every morning.  Breakfast will usually consist of 3 food groups – a bread product, dairy product and a fruit product.
  • AM and PM Snacks:  Two snacks will be served during the day.  Snack will consist of two food groups.
  • Milk, Juice, and Water:  Milk, juice, or water will be provided with meals.

Parents are responsible for the following:

  •  Lunch:  All parents whose children are present for lunch are responsible for providing their child with a nutritious lunch*.  Lunches are to be self-contained. Krambrooke will not refrigerate children’s lunches.  Microwaves are available for quick warm ups only.   
  • Special Diet:  If your child requires specific foods because of an allergy or illness, it is your responsibility to provide them with those foods in clearly labeled and dated containers and to notify the staff of this condition.  Any child with diet restrictions must have a Food Allergy Assessment Form on file.

*Hot lunch is available for purchase on Monday, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.   On Wednesday pizza/juice/chips are available for purchase.   No food service is provided on Friday; children must bring food from home for lunch.


Birthday Treats:  Parents may bring in birthday or holiday treats as long as arrangements are made with their child’s teacher.  Due to allergies, we are unable to accept treats with nuts or peanut butter.  It is always preferred to bring in a treat in original store-bought packaging due to food allergies.