Jennifer G.

Krambrooke has opened up their hearts and has welcomed our family as one of there own.  The amount of caring that the staff and teachers have for my child is amazing.  He is in such good hands and he has so much fun that my child some times cry’s when I pick him up, he never wants to leave!

We came to Krambrooke for their pre-school program.  I was able to shadow the program before I made my decision.  After visiting many pre-schools, hands down I felt that Krambrooke had the best program for my child and our family. The pre-school teachers are amazing.  My son grew so much is such a short amount of time and I owe that to his teachers and staff.  

The staff works with our schedule, they offer lunch if needed and they communicate!  I always knew what was going on with my child or in just daily activities or even how my child did that day.  (events, field trips, sickness etc.)

We couldn’t be happier with our choice, my husband, my child and I truly love Krambrooke!