At Krambrooke we believe that a child can reach his or her full academic potential and truly gain a love of learning when they first achieve a love and understanding of themselves, other people, and the world around them. 


We strive to provide an environment that meets the needs of all children and promotes self-discovery and understanding along with educational needs.


Our warm and friendly staff is here with one goal in mind: to provide care and education to children.  Our purpose at Krambrooke is to help children commit to building and maintaining lasting relationships with family, friends, and others around them.  As teachers and friends to these children, we want to help instill a belief that mutual respect is the fundamental element of all relationships.  We wish to create a desire for the children to enrich their own lives by enriching the lives of others.  With these beliefs in mind, we model the same behavior with our students when building mentorships.  Krambrooke makes a commitment to show children care, honor, and integrity. 


Krambrooke prides itself in honoring the individuality of each child.  Our commitment is to honor each child as a person with their own unique needs, wants, and desires.  Our students are encouraged to seek awareness, approval, and commitment to themselves in order to help them attain fulfillment and confidence.  Children are taught to take responsibility for their own actions, well-being, and ultimate attainment of their goals and dreams.  Through this process of self-discovery our students are reminded that as they grow, they enrich our lives as much as we enrich theirs.