Krambrooke Children’s Center admits children, families, and employees to its programs without respect to race, color, creed, age, or sex.


Forms and Requirements:

It is the policy of the state of Michigan and Krambrooke Children’s Center to keep a personal file on each child.  All children must have the following papers completed and signed in their files no later than the first day of attendance:

  • Child Information Card:  All spaces must befilled out with the exact information that is requested.  It is the parent’s responsibility to make sure that all information on the card is current and correct.  Upon submission of the information card, parents agree that their child cannot be released to anyone who is not listed on the card.
  • Parent Contract: The contract details payment and policy information. Each section must be initialed by parent or legal guardian.  
  • Food Statement:  An agreement to follow all Krambrooke’s nutrition policies.
  • Medical Statement: States that your child is in good health.
  • Emergency Care Statement:  Provides permission for Krambrooke to seek medical attention and emergency care for your child if needed.
  • Copy of Child’s Immunization Records
  • Health Appraisal**:  Must be returned within 30 days of enrollment.  Information on the form must include the following:  A record of up to date immunizations, a section signed and dated by a physician, and a personal information section listing allergies and past illnesses.
  • Media Release Form:  Allows Krambrooke to photograph your children during the school year and to post pictures in the building.
  • Transportation Agreement:  Allows Krambrooke to transport your child to field trips and/or school.  This form is required for all latch key, summer camp, and pre-kindergarten children.
  • Physical Health/Immunications Parental Acknowledgement:  For school-age children only.  States that your child is in good medical health and identifies any health restrictions or allergies that we should be aware of.



Registration Fee:

Infants 6 weeks to 9 months: A non-refundable registration fee is to be paid upon enrollment.  In addition to the registration fee, a holding fee of the first week and the last week’s tuition is to be paid.  Once the registration fee and holding fee have been received, an infant’s place will be held for up to 8 weeks from the date of birth or the date that the fees are paid.


Children 9 months and older: A non-refundable registration fee is to be paid upon enrollment.  Once the registration fee has been paid, the child’s place will be held for up to three weeks from the date of registration.  In order to hold a child’s place for longer than three weeks, a holding fee for the first week’s tuition is to be paid along with the registration fee.


The yearly registration fee is to be paid for each child that is enrolled at Krambrooke Children’s Center.  This fee is renewed each year that your child is in attendance.



** NOTE – Your child must be seen by a physician within 30 days of enrollment in order to have section 4 on the green health form signed.  No exceptions will be allowed!  This is mandated by the State of Michigan.  The physician’s recommendation must be updated as follows: Children 6 weeks to 30 months must have a physician’s recommendation within the last three months and every year after. Children 2 1/2 and up must have a physician’s recommendation updated every two years until they are in Kindergarten.