Megan G.
Lead teacher Room 3
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My name is Megan Gazley I am 20 years old I graduated from Romeo High School in 2017. I now attend Macomb community college in the Early childhood studies program, working my way to getting my associates degree in early childhood. I have been working at Krambrooke for about two years now as an assistant in room 3 and now have become a lead. I have always loved being around children so when I found this job I felt it was perfect for me and soon realized this is what I want to do with my life and entered the Early childhood program. I am not a very social person I have always been kinda shy and awkward but I feel since I’ve been here I have come out my shell a bit and I am a little more confident in myself.

Now more about me well I’m not really that interesting but I used to play soccer for a good chunk of my life. As far as my interest now, I love everything Disney, anime(japanese animation) and I cosplay and go to conventions with my friends. I would think of myself as a positive person and a good person to talk to when you need someone. And that’s pretty much me.